Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 192

Done, moving forward,
dreams into reality
is a promise kept

Day 191

So, let's do this thing -
Let's own what makes us unique,
refusing haters.

Day 190

Your place is somewhere -
let your imagination
take you to belong.

Day 189

Because life is shaped
by choices, make good ones that
will help you get there.

Day 188

There's enough for me -
Happy is not limited -
There's enough for you.

Day 187

Glacial land sculptures
carved by the most erosive
force on Earth, water.

Day 186

Oceans exercise
power over daily lives -
planet's thermostat

Day 185

Strawberry fields are
the place where nothing is real
except glass onions

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 184

Strumming guitar chords
with tender sore fingertips
makes her wish for drums.

Day 183

To hate one's mother,
though rejection's required
is to hate oneself.

Day 182

I picked Italian
plums at night for Abuela,
sent with Emma-Joy.

Day 181

I'll die with secrets
universally shameful
just like you will too.

Day 180

Barring disasters,
geologic pokiness
allows for progress.

Day 179

Humans are mere feet
of the eighteen miles of
the birth of the Earth

Day 178

The flaming dung disk
crusty-roasted marshmallows
and stink-bombed the grounds

Day 177

untethered marionettes
spring to soulless life

Day 176

Glowing campfire
shadow puppets danced on trees
as spectators roared

Day 175

You can't have free will
without a serious fight
risking everything

Day 174

Wildflowers bloom
leaves furled inward spent cocoons
butterflies, bees zoom

Day 173

First day of summer =
snowball fight on a mountain
in Manti-La Sal

Day 172

A new traffic sign
posted without permission
brings more fun than harm

Day 171

When agitated
and playing just won't cut it,
it's time to dip out.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 170

Personal shelter,
more than a room of one's own,

Day 169

I was Daughterboy -
football helmet, cowboy boots
girly denim purse